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  • Everything Is Dependent On Them
  • Works 24+ hours a day still don't earn enough money
  • Team Does Not Take Responsibility, does not perform the way you want.
  • You Can’t leave the office on staff (रायता फैला देते है)
  • You Train People, They Switch Jobs For Higher Pay, Old people blackmail you.
  • Politics, Fire-Fighting Among Employees
  • Corruption Inside Company
  • They Get The Salary They Want, But You Do Not Get The Work You Want
  • Sales Are Decreasing (Karma Sales)
  • Less New Prospects, Existing Also Leaving Due To Competition
  • Payments Stuck OR Large Credits In Market
  • No Record Of Physical Inventory, Hence Stealing, Theft etc
  • No Holidays, No Family Time
  • In Short

    "Band Baaja Pada Hai”



  • Work Will Become Team Members Responsibility NOT YOURS
  • Team Member Will Perform Even Better Than You
  • People Will Not Leave & In Fact, They Themselves Will Train Your New Employees
  • All Blackmailings Will Stop
  • No More Politics & All Corruption Will End
  • Performance Based Salary Structure
  • Regular Flow Of Fresh Leads
  • Know Right Place To Market Your Product / Company
  • Get 80% Payments On Time Without You Doing Follow Up
  • Monthly List Of All Physical Stock & Reduce Inventory By 30%
  • Debt Free Company
  • Every Month 3-4 Days Of Vacation/Holiday
  • Generate Passive Income & Personal Wealth
  • Internal Team Training, Development & Recruitment Process
  • New Team Member Take Control Of Work Within 3 Days Like Old Team Member
  • Define Company HR Policy Like Team Member Exit Policy etc
  • Each Team Member Know What, When, Why & How They Need To Do
  • Get Your Vendors Deliver On Time EVERY TIME
  • Emergency Break Down To Preventive Maintenance
  • How To Make 2nd Line Leaders & Pass On To Your 2nd/3rd Generation

Your Journey to Business Brilliance

This Program is divided over a period of 1 year with different modules each week and each month.

  • How to get out of your comfort zone
  • How to be at your best health
  • Your team follows your energy
  • How to be more organized
  • How to centralize all your work
  • Start working 5 days a week
  • Finish your 30 days work in 1 week
  • Plan your day like we have time table in school
  • Divide your day in two parts - Main thing V/s Misc. thing
  • How to store ideas and thoughts that comes in your cloud(brain) throughout the day
  • Have your clear personal goals
  • Have your clear business goals
  • Team bonding like we have in sports
  • Align team with company goals
  • KYC - know your colleague (WIN-WIN-WIN)
  • Get work done without follow up
  • Reduce your meeting time Stop acting like a call center executive to your employees
  • Team member will stop coming to you for small small problems
  • Build 2nd line leaders
  • Start of creating systems in business
  • Defining diff. hierarchy of company
  • Defining company organization chart
  • Clearly putting each and every person on diff. boxes of org. chart
  • Clearly defining job description for each person and each job
  • Defining flow of work in organization
  • Defining diff. checkpoints in organization
  • Define company policy
  • Manage company finance
  • Make a structured plan to repay debts
  • Company finance restructuring
  • Creating reserve and surplus
  • Create passive income
  • How and why to withdraw funds for directors/owners
  • The Report card of company monthly P&L statement
  • Vendor payment system
  • Payment collection process
  • Inventory management
  • Dispatch management
  • TQC- Total quality control
  • Create your own call center
  • Create your own customer support center


  • How to recruit new team members
  • How to induct new team members
  • How to train & develop new team members
  • How to do increment based on performance
  • Define company exit policy for team members
  • Work Like Army, Treat Like Family

  • Never put all eggs in one basket
  • Have 3 levels of products
  • Most of the people have a T point funnel. Create a bottomless funnel
  • Division leads to clarity & clarity bring Power
  • How to divide sales in two parts
  • How to put existing sales or repeat orders on autopilot
  • 5 parameter to boost your sales
  • How to build your sales team
  • How to delegate work/leads to your sales team
  • How track your sales team
  • How to make sure sales team achieves their targets
  • Stop blackmail of old sales guy
  • How to get clients details from sales guys
  • How to increase leads
  • How to have more conversion
  • 51 sales & marketing strategies
  • Always be remembered by your clients
  • Whenever your client need any new products they ask you first
  • Apply 80-20 principle in sales
  • Focus on main products
  • Most people are penny wise pound foolish

About The Trainer

A Business Coach by profession and an entrepreneur at heart.
While assisting my father in family business I could not go to attend my elder brother's marriage in the USA (a story for another day), I shattered within.
However, failures didn't stop me from experimenting and trying new things. So, I went on a learning journey to learn "How To Run Your Business Without You", in this learning process I realised the mistakes made by Small & medium Business Owners taught by my Business Coach I started GCS, where I as Business Coach along with a team of 5 crazy heads who are passionate for Business Coaching & help Business Owners to Grow From Lala Company To LargeCompany.
In less than 3 years, we served over 100 clients from India and across the globe. In Dec'2020, I completed my PhD in "Business Management & Strategy" and was awarded with Honorary Doctorate from Sorbon University, France.
Entrepreneur, APN-News, Hello Post, Indian Retailers, Silicon IndiaStartup, SME Futures, Startups and other reputed publications have featured me in their articles and other resources.
I have delivered over 100+ workshops and 50+ talks in companies, colleges as well as online events.

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